myGP App

myGP app is a patient facing service for smartphones. The app is designed to improve patient access to primary care services, to enable safe and secure communication between the practice and its patients, support data collection and to encourage self-care through monitoring and medicines adherence. It allows anywhere, anytime access – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at home or abroad.

Core functionalities of the current version of the myGP are:

  • Appointment booking/cancellation
  • Call/Recall Campaign
  • Circle of Care
  • Patient-to-practice communication
  • Medication Reminders

Registration takes just a few minutes. You need to download the app on to your android or iOS device, then register using your date of birth and mobile phone number for authentication (you must have your mobile number registered with the practice for the app to authenticate your registration). Once this is done you will be sent a text message with an authorisation code.

For more information you can visit

My GP – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which handsets do I need?

You can use almost any Smartphone running on Android or iOS (iPhone).Technically, any phone that runs Android 5.0 or above and any iPhone running iOS 9.0 or above

2. How do I provide feedback on the app?

Please provide feedback under the heading ‘Settings’ within the myGP app tabs. This feedback goes straight to our developers.

3. Is any patient identifiable data stored on the phone?

No, all patient identifiable data is stored within the N3 on IGSoC approved data repositories.

4. Will it cost the patient money to use this app (Data charges)?

myGP uses negligible amounts of data. However, if you are concerned about using up your mobile data allowance, please ensure you are connected to a Wi-Fi network when using the app.

5. Who do I contact if the App doesn’t work?

Patients can provide feedback through the app (settings/send feedback) or contact myGP Patient Support on

6. What is Circle of Care?

This allows patients to add their family of all ages to the myGP app and book appointments for them.

7. What ages are supported in the Circle of Care?

See the guides on adding dependants to the app at

8. If the mum and dad have both their mobile numbers in the child’s registration can they be added to both the parents’ circle of care?

Yes, both parents can add their child/children and see any appointments booked on their behalf regardless of who has made the booking.

9. What is the difference between myGP and Patient Services?

The myGP app operates like Patient Services. However you cannot view medical records and order medication, this can only be done through Patient Access. With both Patient Access and myGP you can book and cancel appointments, but with myGP you do not need to visit your practice and can easily log-in with your registered mobile number and date of birth.

10. If I have registered for myGP, am I also registered for Patient Services?

If you register for the myGp app it does not automatically register you for Patient Services, and vice-versa, if you are registered for Patient Services you are not automatically registered for myGp. They are both completely separate systems and both require separate registrations. However both sync with our clinical system.

11. What is data messaging?

Data messaging is the facility within the app that allows patients to respond to messages from the practice. This is limited to responses to appointment reminders and invitations when instructed, the service is not to be used for patient queries/ problems. Messages regarding any queries/ problems will not be responded to.

Please note myGP is an independent system contracted by the NHS and managed externally. This is a separate entity St Marks Centre medical and Nightingale Surgery.