You can make an appointment via the following ways:

  • By visiting our Consulting Room.
  • Booking an appointment via NHS APP, myGP App or other online provider
    You will need to be registered for our online services. Please visit the Online Services page for more information on this.
  • By calling the practice on
    St Mark's Medical Centre 020 8854 6262
    Nightingale Surgery 020 8854 8236

Routine Appointments

All routine appointments should be booked in advance with the GP or Nurse by telephoning or by calling at the surgery. We will send a text message to your mobile to give you the details of your appointment the day before your appointment. If you no longer need the appointment text back or phone to cancel.

Late Night Clinic

To see a Doctor or Nurse outside of normal surgery hours e.g. you unable to get to the surgery until later in the day you because of work commitments. You can make an appointment at St Mark’s on Monday between 18:30 – 20:30. Please use these appointments only if you are unable to attend normal surgery hours.

Emergency Appointments

If you need to be seen on the day as an emergency you will be given a sit and wait appointment, please call as soon as possible and we will try to fit you in. You will be given a time to come to the surgery and asked to be prepared to sit and wait.

Telephone Advice

Please ring after 11:00 if it is not urgent. A doctor or nurse will speak to you if they are available.

Online Appointments

We have a computerised appointment service.

To use online services you will need a Practice ID number and Access ID number which is obtained from the practice, and, in conjunction with a password, which will be unique to you.

For more information, please visit the online services page.

Appointment Cancellation

Always let us know if you cannot keep your appointment. If you have given us your mobile we will send you a text message reminder. You can cancel your appointment by replying to the text. To rebook you will need to phone us.