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Importance of replying to letters from the NHS Posted on 29 Mar 2016

The importance of keeping the Practice informed of any change of address or contacts.

Normal Process

Normally if a patient is sent a letter and it is "returned undelivered " then this creates an FP69 status for that patient. We as the practice then have to call the patient to confirm the address we have for them, we then return the FP69 to say " keep patient on GP list " or " deduct/ remove patient".

Once a patient is deducted we cannot refer them as technically they are no longer our patient. If the patient goes to A&E they will be told that they do not have a registered GP, so all sorts of problems can be caused.

If a patient is told by either the practice/ hospital that they are no longer registered with a practice, this will be because the patient has not responded to a letter sent by the Health Authority, NOT the practice. This is a routine process NHS England go through to make sure that all GP lists are up to date, if a patient wishes to stay with the practice after being deducted then they will have to re-register.

Patients must keep practices informed of any change of their address and phone number. This can be done via the website in the change of address section or by contacting the practice directly.


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